Esthetic Services

Let our Estheticians pamper you


 Intended to remove the outermost layer of skin. Improves and smooth's the texture of the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Includes Cleansing, Exfoliation, Massage, Mask, Toning, Hydration and Balancing of the skin.


Uses tiny exfoliating crystals that are sprayed on the skin. Refines and rejuvenates surface skin and stimulates new cellular growth for a younger more vibrant complexion.


A form of hair removal that removes the hair from the roots and lasts from four to six weeks.


A process in order to exfoliate the epidermis (top dead layer of skin). This leaves the skin with a smooth and healthy glow. Dermaplaning also has benefits in the ability to allow your skin to absorb your skincare products more readily into the deeper layers of skin, making them more beneficial and effective.


This procedure lifts your natural lashes at the root and in an upward position, creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. To top off the treatment, a black lash tint is applied.