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The affordable, non-invasive alternative to weight loss surgery.

Meet Our Staff

Mandy - Lead Esthetician

Mandy worked for the previous owner and has been 

in this industry for over 6 years. She graduated from 

Clary Sage in esthetics in 2008.  She lives in 

Skiatook, OK with her husband and 2 daughters.  

Mandy loves being apart of the body contouring

 industry and loves discovering new techniques 

& services to offer to clients. 

Morgan - Esthetician

Morgan lives and grew up in Bartlesville. She graduated

from Clary Sage in 2019 & has worked for us since

she graduated. She loves to focus on skin care and

enjoys doing the body contouring treatments as well.

Morgan has created strong relationships with many

clients and enjoys getting to know them on a personal level.

Kasey - Technician

Kasey has been in the medical field for 24 years and 

joined our team in May of 2019.  She started as a 

loyal client and was very interested in working for us.  

She has developed great relationships with our clients 

and enjoys performing the treatments.  Kasey lives in 

Claremore with her husband and two sons. 

Stephanie - Esthetician

Stephanie moved to Oklahoma from Texas in February

of 2020. She lives in Broken Arrow, OK with her husband

and 2 children. She has been an esthetician since 2012, specializing in electrolysis & skin care. Stephanie loves discovering new techniques and enjoys performing 

body contouring treatments and developing

relationships with clients. 

Allison - Medical Assistant

Allison went to Community Care College and has 

been a Medical Assistant since 2011.  She currently 

works at a fertility clinic & lives in Broken Arrow with 

her husband.  Allison loves the science behind the 

body contouring treatments.  She likes to coach people 

on how to see the maximum results when it comes to 

diet & exercise combined with our treatments. 

Ashley - Medical Assistant

Ashley went to Community Care College and graduated

as a Medical Assistant in 2012. Ashley lives in Coweta

with her husband & 5 boys. She has worked for us part

time in the evening since the beginning and enjoys

building relationships with our clients. She loves when

clients see results and is there cheering them on. 

Kelsie - Owner

Kelsie started Tulsa Body Sculpting Center in 2017.  

She was tired of working in her corporate job and wanted 

her work to mean more.  She lives in Big Cabin, Oklahoma 

with her husband and daughter.  She loves to hear new 

ideas & services that you would like to see come to the 

spa & is always welcome to feedback! 


3562 E 51st St. Tulsa, OK 74135


(918) 398-0198